Payment Policy

You can choose to pay by PayPal.After you select this payment method on the settlement page, the page will redirect to the PayPal website.After the transaction is completed, the page will be returned to the website.

The corresponding amount will be deducted from your bank card at the time of delivery.

Payment security

Ecustomonon. USES Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt and protect the data you send to us over the Internet.If SSL is enabled, a padlock symbol displays at the top of the browser, which you can click to see information about SSL digital certificate registration.

In addition, urls in the url bar at the top of the browser will begin with “HTTPS” instead of “HTTP.”This means that you are in safe mode.

Ecustomonline. is registered as a trusted website.This ensures that your information can be transferred confidentially between your web browser and our web server.

If your card issuer is in the European Union, you may need to verify payment under the Payment Services Amendment Act ii (PSD2).You will be directed to a special page to enter relevant information, or use the phone to authorize the payment.After completing the above steps, the page will automatically jump back to

Memory card information

To make future purchases faster, you can choose to store your card information securely.

Instead of showing your full bank card details, the site displays only the last four digits of the card so you can identify which card you are using.

You can choose not to store your bank card information by unchecking the box on the payment page.If you change or add a new address, you will need to re-enter your bank card details.